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a temporary fortification built by troops in the field

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Concerns regarding fieldwork education and calls for occupational therapy fieldwork reform are long-standing (Cohn & Crist, 1995; Crist, 2004; Fisher & Savin-Baden, 2002).
Maj Nygaard-Christensen and Angie Bexley's edited collection, Fieldwork in Timor-Leste: Understanding Social Change through Practice, draws together contributions from a number of researchers engaged with processes of social, cultural and political change in Timor-Leste.
In this short piece I describe elements of these relationships using the notion of creativity and language awareness as a driver within the aesthetics and art of (language documentation) fieldwork.
Established in 1956, the Expeditions and Geographical Fieldwork Grants are the Society's longest-standing annual grants programme.
Also in the second year, students take Level I Fieldwork, Level II Fieldwork in a Psychosocial Setting, Level II Fieldwork in a Rehabilitation Setting, and Fieldwork SeminarI and II.
My fieldwork notebooks always have two sides: field notes and personal diary.
In this light, fieldwork offers a venue for students to develop these skills through firsthand experience.
Fieldwork is recognised as an integral and critical component of training for occupational therapy students (Overton, Clark, & Thomas, 2009).
The Worldwise Challenge is an annual event that invites ten schools to send a team of three pupils and one teacher to take part in a wide range of competitive, but exciting, fieldwork activities.
Red stamps and gold stars; fieldwork dilemmas in upland socialist Asia.
SeeNews) - Nov 9, 2012 - Dutch engineering consultancy Grontmij NV (AMS:GRONT) said today it agreed to sell its domestic fieldwork activities to local soil survey and groundwater monitoring specialist Het Veldwerkbureau BV, without disclosing the purchase price.
Most fieldwork is undertaken outdoors and there is widely available evidence that merely being outdoors contributes positively to healthy and happier children [RSPB 2010, Natural England 2010].
International Resource News-March 27, 2012--CanAlaska Uranium Ltd restarts geophysical fieldwork on NW Manitoba uranium-REE project(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
In The Emancipation of Re:Sonance, Fieldwork performed compositions by its members in the A.
The funding expands the long-established Knight Latin American Nieman Fellowships by supporting fieldwork projects for the journalists at the end of their academic year at Harvard.