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a temporary fortification built by troops in the field

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For example, feathers collected during fieldwork are analyzed in the lab for a variety of purposes, including genetic mapping.
The fieldwork operations include manual and mechanical drilling, probe work and collection of water and soil samples.
My task is to show how certain emotions experienced during my fieldwork are related to my gender role and the gender roles of the participants in this study of seduction behaviors (1) and feelings experienced by men and women who attend some nightclubs located in the movida areas in Lisbon.
It is reported that students who have had a good fieldwork experience in a specific area, such as mental health (Craik et al.
Ethnography has to be practised in person to be fully understood--and this means doing the fieldwork preparation, as well as research and writing stages, as they are all equally constitutive experiences of ethnographic being.
I am concerned that the library's decision will make it more difficult for other young researchers to complete their own fieldwork quickly and effectively.
One key way to make lessons more exciting is through field trips, Ofsted said in a new report, but teachers often decide not to take pupils on fieldwork expeditions because of concerns over poor behaviour, logistical difficulties or health and safety issues.
We immediately noticed that in the twenty or more years that have elapsed between our training periods, some published reflections have appeared on sex and fieldwork (e.
It drafts model statutes and regulations, presents state tax policy views to Congress and the Federal courts, and does audit fieldwork on its members' behalf.
To promote self-regulation of behavior and context, undergraduate students were provided with a letter of introduction to help find a fieldwork site.
Her unpublished memoir Minefields documents her return from fieldwork in the Caribbean as an anthropologist and her reinsertion into the performance scenes in Chicago and New York during the 1930s and 1940s.
At the time, her fieldwork was controversial because it challenged some of the prevailing ideas about interpersonal relationships.
The three Standards of Fieldwork have been revised and are now in the active voice, as in "The auditor must," removing any doubt as to who's responsible.
103 includes expanded and more specific documentation guidance for the period following the date on which the auditor completes the audit fieldwork.