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a member of the cricket team that is fielding rather than batting


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To remove batting powerplay and allow five instead of four fieldsmen outside the circle from overs 41- 50.
You catch the edges, shots go to your fieldsmen and you end up with 7-20.
England captain Hussain, however, stood his ground as the India A fieldsmen celebrated.
If you are worried about bat-pad fieldsmen catching you out, then you must strike up a plan to remove them," he further wrote.
Umpire Rudi Koertzen made two or three shocking decisions during the New Zealand-England Test match in Wellington - not to mention Billy Bowden's mistakes in the final ODI in Christchurch - but he wasn't taunted by finger-wagging fieldsmen, so why do footballers react as they do?
Aggression is all right in its place but not when it goes beyond the limits of acceptability and led to opener Jessie Ryder being regularly surrounded by close fieldsmen who verbally abused him.
Jon Dakin also backed Hodge soundly late in the Leicestershire innings, enabling the hosts to set up a tension-packed finale, which included the Glamorgan batsmen ringed by close-in fieldsmen.
Then the County Champions' fieldsmen finished Middlesex off with a succession of brilliant run-outs, the visitors collapsing to 174 all out.
He was also one of the best all-round fieldsmen I've seen - brilliant in any position from cover to slips and even at bat-pad," he added.
Now Kumble and Har-bhajan Singh had a minimum of three fieldsmen in catching positions but Younis and Yousuf batted out 143 minutes together to force a draw.
A ball from the Barnsley-born bowler appeared to brush Jayasuriya's glove going down the leg side to Stewart but while the England fieldsmen appealed, umpire Steve Davis was signalling a wide.
Ponting was not only a great batsman, but one of the best fieldsmen in the world, Clarke said, adding that if Ponting could be dropped by the selectors, everyone in the Australian squad was on notice.
Harbhajan, operating with four fieldsmen in catching positions, induced Butt to edge to first slip and then bowled Yousuf through the gap between bat and pad with a bigspinning off-break.
Throughout he changed his bowlers shrewdly, keeping fieldsmen on their toes and generally creating a positive atmosphere.
He was unlucky not to make more inroads as Ganguly and Gambhir nicked him past fieldsmen many times early on.