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(baseball) handling the ball while playing in the field

English novelist and dramatist (1707-1754)

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Fieldings' personnel comprises seven portfolio managers, six of whom will remain with Fieldings following the acquisition, and two administrators.
Fiske intends to integrate the Fieldings team into the enlarged Fiske Group whereby they will all work with Fiske's staff in the future as a single team.
The LSS team used tools, such as process mapping, SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, customers), value stream mapping, and cause-and-effect analysis, to narrow the potential contributors to the root cause, since the fixed, automated template no longer met the fielding requirements for some deploying Soldiers.
In the "improve" phase, the RFI office determined that the initial solution required a flexible template, additional coordination measures, key involvement by noncommissioned officers, and an automated global fielding system to facilitate distribution and accountability of individual Soldier equipment.
RFI took the lessons learned from the three pilots, developed training plans to ensure that RFI coordinators, fielding teams, and support elements were prepared for success, and implemented process changes and controls, such as standing operating procedures and pre-coordination, coordination, in-brief, and out-brief checklists.
As a result of this LSS project, RFI recently implemented its improved Lean Fielding process to reduce duplicate distribution of RFI equipment to deploying Soldiers.
As part of the fielding, PM FLIR's new equipment training team provided soldiers with hands-on, train-the-trainer-level instructions on complete operations and maintenance of the DVE system, including driver's training.
Just prior to the DVE fielding to the 82nd Airborne Division, PM FLIR worked intensively from March through May 2004 with the U.
He claims, reasonably enough, to have an ear for the author's distinctive voice, and says that it was this instinctual response that led him, unwillingly rather than otherwise, to reattribute a number of the Craftsman essays that he happened to be reading in connection with his work on the new Fielding biography.
Battestin's own notes often deal in very small change: 'In his works of roughly this period Fielding often alludes to Mercury'; 'Fielding frequently uses the phrase "with Impunity"'.
Often the work here attributed to Fielding recalls other essayists of the century, including Swift, Addison, or Steele.
Fielding Systems provides cutting-edge web and cloud based Oil & Gas software solutions for midstream and upstream companies of all sizes.
The role of the Fielding Systems Platform and machine-to-machine (M2M) gateways for the growing Internet of Things (IoT) industry
Additionally, Fielding Systems is excited to announce many new enhancements to the Platform, including:
At this event, Fielding Systems will be working with participants on the selection of an advisory council in a continued effort for users to have an input on the advancements of the Platform.