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(baseball) handling the ball while playing in the field

English novelist and dramatist (1707-1754)

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In the "improve" phase, the RFI office determined that the initial solution required a flexible template, additional coordination measures, key involvement by noncommissioned officers, and an automated global fielding system to facilitate distribution and accountability of individual Soldier equipment.
RFI took the lessons learned from the three pilots, developed training plans to ensure that RFI coordinators, fielding teams, and support elements were prepared for success, and implemented process changes and controls, such as standing operating procedures and pre-coordination, coordination, in-brief, and out-brief checklists.
As a result of this LSS project, RFI recently implemented its improved Lean Fielding process to reduce duplicate distribution of RFI equipment to deploying Soldiers.
During the coordination visit to the unit several months before actual fielding of equipment, RFI discusses the Lean Fielding process and the unit's options for executing the fielding event.
Just prior to the DVE fielding to the 82nd Airborne Division, PM FLIR worked intensively from March through May 2004 with the U.
Pelton anticipates a huge market for the kind of information and service Fielding will offer in its new guise, as the baby boomers -- the largest demographic group in history -- reach their peak travel years.
By targeting the guides to serve the needs of the "New Traveler" and supporting them with aggressive marketing activities, Pelton believes Fielding can capitalize on its current brand equity and enhance its pre-eminence in the broad, mainstream travel category.
As the first truly impassioned globetrotter to sit at the helm of Fielding in many years, Pelton approaches his task with gusto.
I am excited about the potential of the new books because they will have unprecedented editorial focus and consistency, driven by the marketing and research expertise of the new owner," says Margaret Zellers, a Fielding author who has been appointed overall editorial director of the series.