fielding average

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(baseball) a measure of a fielder's performance

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32 statistically significant phi value for fielding average three years prior to the hearing is found.
973 fielding average and eight errors in 56 appearances; he also hit .
The batting was insipid, the fielding average and the bowling ineffective on a pitch where the Indians found the edges, took their catches and batted as if it were a flat belter.
Patterson's fielding average stayed the same, but pitcher Ramon Ramirez's ERA went up.
He's also among the top five in total career chances, putouts and fielding average and is regarded by many as the game's best defensive shortstop.
344 (third in the league) and topping Major League catchers in assists, double plays, and fielding average in leading the Cubs to the pennant.
The Red Sox are third in the league in fielding average and third in fewest errors.