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(baseball) handling the ball while playing in the field

English novelist and dramatist (1707-1754)

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Founded in 1974, and approaching its thirtieth anniversary, the Fielding Graduate Institute, headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, is a world-recognized leader in doctoral level graduate education, having created one of the long term successful distributed Socratic learning models for mid-career adults.
We stress a 1-2 fielding and 1-2 throwing rhythm on balls hit right at the infielders.
The closer the fielder gets to the ball, the shorter and choppier should be the steps -- in order to put the infielder into a balanced and comfortable fielding posture.
The Fielding Graduate Institute, with headquarters in Santa Barbara, is an accredited non-profit graduate university having created one of the original distributed learning models for graduate education in 1974.
The team at Fielding truly partnered with our team to understand our vision and were able to customize a program to help develop the internal skills and competencies we need to drive change throughout our the company," says Ria Nicholls, First Data's director of executive development & organizational change.