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Price Waterhouse FieldHand, an oil and gas field data capture system that handles daily, weekly and monthly production information including run tickets, well test data, well downtime, volumes and pressures, all with handwriting recognition.
In Keats's story, after helping around the house, and then working as a fieldhand on a nearby farm, John Henry finds work on a riverboat.
Big Daddy, who was once a fieldhand and so knows firsthand the taint of being owned, and who has sufficient social conscience to be abhorred by the poverty he saw on his European travels, had been taken in by Straw and Ochello and had inherited the land from them; so their patrimony, the power they pass on, is both financial as well as sexual in nature.
The soldier relays this information to thousands of fieldhands, who rejoice until their overseer, Mr.
White southerners perceive black people as "dirt" in all its diverse forms, and desire nothing more than to remain ignorant of the humanity of their African American counterparts--the maids, fieldhands, and sharecroppers who clean or cultivate dirt for the gain of whites, but who have deep desires of their own.
However, there was a pattern to people's narratives describing how their "knowledge" had been valued but they had been mistreated, underpaid, and treated as fieldhands.
So few flocks of fieldhands absconded to safe retreat and sanctuary in adjacent forest (a mere paucity of bold rebels amid thousands of cowed sheep), their absence was hardly noticed.