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medium-sized Eurasian thrush seen chiefly in winter

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FEEDING TIME: Redwing eating apples in the garden IN FOCUS: A close up picture of a redwing STANDING PROUD: A close-up view of one of the fieldfares BIDING THEIR TIME: The flock of birds in Simon's tree
Redwings and fieldfares are often seen together diligently foraging in hedgerows for insects and berries.
ALL thrush species - fieldfares, redwings, mistle and song thrushes and blackbirds - love fruit and berries, while goldfinches are attracted to seedheads of plants.
Flocks of fieldfares are at Sker and Kenfig, and an Iceland gull has spent several days coasting along the cliffs between Southerndown and Ogmoreby-Sea.
But while the decline of some species continued, others fared better with garden sightings of siskins and fieldfares up in Teesside gardens.
Thousands of Redwings and Blackbirds fed in just a handful of fields, along with smaller numbers of Fieldfares and Song Thrushes that had moved out of northern England as the first snow arrived.
The redwings dropped in only last week to join the immigrant fieldfares.
Redwings and Fieldfares were still around this week - they are heading north to breed in Iceland and Scandinavia.
Unusually high numbers of countryside birds like fieldfares, redwings, bullfinches, and yellowhammers were spotted in gardens.
As the North East has endured its harshest winter since the launch of Big Garden Birdwatch over 30 years ago, the RSPB is particularly keen to know how the conditions have affected garden bird numbers and whether people see any unusual visitors such as redwings, fieldfares and tree sparrows which have moved into gardens because of the struggle to find food elsewhere.
Many bird species will benefit from this including residents like bullfinches and song thrushes and winter migrants such as redwings and fieldfares.
Reed buntings, redpolls, yellowhammers, grey wagtails, redwings and fieldfares are other unusual garden visitors not usually around.
The appeal is by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds which is looking for birds such as redwings, fieldfares and winter thrushes.
Plus Santa handing out presents, and winter visitors from Lapland, such as redwings, fieldfares and tufted ducks.
Siskins, waxwings, redwings and fieldfares are all more likely to appear in gardens as the temperatures drop," added Dana.