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an officer holding the rank of major or lieutenant colonel or colonel

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From personal experience as a security-assistance officer and two-time air attache, this author can attest that working in an embassy will neither hurt nor help the promotion prospects of an Air Force field-grade officer.
If you are not being counseled quarterly, or at all, use this tool to gauge your boss's view of your performance and, more importantly, your potential as a field-grade officer.
Local talent management efforts focused on key and developmental assignments, while the regional talent management program focused on key field-grade officers and senior leader billets.
When the CTO of the research group wants to establish global telecommunications connections to conduct research into telesurgery, he and the CTO-of-IT develop a CTO-to-CTO collaboration between two field-grade officers to find effective, affordable, and regulation-compliant tools that can do the job.
All in senior positions would be well-advised to listen to enlisted soldiers, noncommissioned officers, and company- and field-grade officers.
S advisors include a mix of senior noncommissioned and field-grade officers
Pentagon officials said the new brigades differ from conventional combat brigades because they have larger numbers of field-grade officers and civil-military capabilities including civil affairs personnel, engineers, military police and transportation specialists to support State Department development efforts.
Among those he has interviewed are legends such as Dwight Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Matthew Ridgway, Carl Spaatz, Jimmy Doolittle, and Curtis LeMay, granting rare insight into their decision making--not only on major issues of war and peace but also on matters they faced as junior and field-grade officers.
The consequences of the unintended division of Army Intelligence cost the branch and the functional area about 150 field-grade officers in a time of war.
Once they go on active duty, the focus shifts to the company-grade officers and what it's going to take for them to become field-grade officers or career airmen officers.
Most of the exercise participants were field-grade officers with advanced academic degrees ranging from astrophysics to molecular biochemical studies.
Those organizations determine what education is needed to qualify their officers as field-grade officers.
Sublist 3: For field-grade officers, senior warrant officers and senior NCOs.
The young field-grade officers are part of a group of peers immersed in an intense course on defense, foreign policy, and domestic politics at a major university in the East.
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