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a group excursion (to a museum or the woods or some historic place) for firsthand examination

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To ensure the safety of students during off-campus activities, the House of Representatives is now finalizing a proposal that will regulate school field trips.
Expected to graduate soon, the students acknowledged the field trip as the key highlight of their course and found the lessons gained from the opportunity to be valuable and constructive.
If students have the opportunity to submit questions beforehand or ask them live during the broadcast, teachers work with them to prepare questions, and after the field trip is over they do some follow-up activities.
Daden, which is based at Innovation Birmingham Campus, has secured the capital from the UK's innovation agency Innovate UK for its initiative called 'Virtual Field Trips as a Service'.
Field trips and field observations are a fundamental part of some college-level biological, geoscience, and environmental science courses (Lei, 2010).
I think field trips are way to cement in teens' minds that the library is more than books or normal library programming.
Alternative groups: Advertise to non-traditional field trip groups, such as homeschoolers and after-school clubs.
Other virtual field trip participants include scientists who worked on the Mars Curiosity Rover, curators from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Zoo Atlanta zoologists who answer questions on baby pandas.
Since the program's inception in October 2011, US Airways said it has helped more than 12,500 students attend field trips by providing USD 74,000 in assistance.
More information on the field trip can be found on the MHS website:
The most common difficulties that arise with field trips take the form of 'administrative road blocks' (Scarce, 1997), such as travel and insurance arrangements, costs of entry to field trip sites and lack of support from home institutions (Anderson and Zhang, 2003).
Travel Business Review-August 17, 2011--US Airways Offers New Field Trip FUNd Programme(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
Kraft is holding an ultimate field trip instant win game for students in the United States who are between 6-13 years of age.
Organised in conjunction with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the first field trip will take place on October 31, and will take participants to Schlumberger's Middle East and Asia Learning Centre.
Immediately after each field trip, instructors may ask students for feedback regarding improvement of future campus trips.