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(physics) a theory that explains a physical phenomenon in terms of a field and the manner in which it interacts with matter or with other fields

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Particles in our universe are described by relativistic quantum field theory, which combines quantum mechanics with Einstein's theory of relativity.
From standard (perturbative) quantum field theory, the lowest order contribution to the self-mass is [7] (see Fig.
In " Unified Field Theory and the Hierarchical Universe", " Non-Scattering Photon Electron Interaction" falsifies the experimental base for Big Bang Theory.
Alexander Polyakov for his many discoveries in field theory and string theory including the conformal bootstrap, magnetic monopoles, instantons, confinement/de-confinement, the quantization of strings in non-critical dimensions, gauge/string duality and many others.
Non-perturbative field theory; from two-dimensional conformal field theory to QCD in four dimensions.
In [4], Jumale (2006) has solved the field equations in non-symmetric unified field theory proposed by Einstein and obtained five dimensional (z-t)-type plane wave solutions on the lines of Takeno (1961) [6] with the space-time metric of Ambatkar (2002)[1].
It provides a survey of vector field theory and covers everything from retarded fields to antenna theory and Faraday rotation, pairing discussions and science with plenty of examples and calculations suitable for college-level students.
The president of the Global Ethic Foundation and a former professor of ecumenical theology attempts to pull theologians and scientists toward common ground bringing elements of a unified field theory, the Big Bang, chaos theories and quantum physics into a fresh discussion on the beginning of time.
He and others later constructed the quantum field theory of quarks and gluons called quantum chromodynamics, which seems to account for all the nuclear particles and their strong interactions.
Crime writer PD James selected lines from Hamlet, and Dr Michio Kaku, inventor of String Field theory, was inspired by Albert Einstein.
The American physicist Richard Feynman gave his name to a series of seminal diagrams--also known as Stukelberg or Penguin diagrams--which have been described as types of book-keeping devices for performing calculations in quantum field theory.
New results based on the applications of effective field theory for neutron decay is presented.
Such applications include, for example, that of Lewin's field theory (Lewin, 1951), operant learning principles (Elliott, 1994), and research from the medical sociology literature concerning the implications of chronic illness for the sense of self (Charmaz, 1983).
A book that provided a unified field theory of cheating would be especially welcome just now, which makes this ham-fisted effort all the more disappointing.
In parallel with the course of ODE, other courses of quantum physics, geometry and optics as well as electromagnetic field theory are programmed.