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a test of the performance of some new product under the conditions in which it will be used

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Field Test, growers can accurately monitor this rate and make observations that can affect future organic matter applications and yield.
Perda, chief research and accountability officer for the Worcester public schools, says that students "must participate in the PARCC field test, which is a component of the statewide student assessment program'' mandated by state law.
The GMRC Field Test Guideline recommends specific essential issues that should be discussed in the test preparation phase.
Field tests are to be completed in Tokyo, Japan, with items including data communication speed measurements, operational frequency propagation, HD TV streaming and testing of a number of Internet applications.
The DELES field test resulted in 680 responses primarily from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
We also felt the scores on the field test would act as an excellent criterion measure to assess which specific aspects of students' performance in the undergraduate curriculum would be predictive of successful MFTP performance.
Since 1995, seven of the top 10 companies seeking to conduct field tests have merged into two companies: Monsanto and DuPont.
The field test provided "real-life" examples of how the proposed statements would be implemented and identified problems and possible misunderstandings.
In the field test, immediate recognition of the transition obligation reduced ongoing retiree health expense by, on average, 25 to 35 percent.
The field tests will start next month and are part of a two-year process to determine whether the state should replace Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System math and English language arts tests with PARCC.
Field test period: September 4 (Tue) to September 17 (Mon), Outline of the field test: The vehicle will go around to about 20 farmers to pick up produce to be delivered to produce stands at roadside rest stops during the field test period.
To be included in the evaluation, participants had to complete the field test within 3 weeks.
The level of confinement under which a field test of a biotechnology-derived plant is conducted should be consistent with the level of environmental, human, and animal health risk associated with the introduced protein and trait.
analog television system, according to field test results released by the FCC Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service.
Several definitions of what would constitute a field test were considered, ranging from explicitly solicited responses to an exposure draft on the costs and consequences of implementation to statistically valid sampling to determine a proposal's impact on affected organizations.