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a canvas tent for use in the field

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That evening, as Bill was returning from his field duties, he called me in a loud voice as soon as he set foot inside the army field tent.
Mating success of control and treated males in field tent trials was compared using the paired t-test.
Results of the 2 field tent experiments are summarized in Figure 1, which describes the outcome of the mating trials in terms of the relative mating success of treated males.
cucurbitae males in field tent experiments as a function of duration of yeast hydrolysate (YH)-deprivation and cue-lure (CL) exposure, where treated males were cue-lure-deprived in Experiment 1 (solid circles) and cue-lure-fed in Experiment 2 (open circles).
Speaking from the phone at a day care center he just set up in Homestead, Florida, at the Harris Field tent camp, Roche said they are doing whatever they can.
In Dubai, Janada is in talks with Dnata to sell customised versions of its field tents to hotels that want to build camps in the desert, Eldajani said.
According to a statement by Iran embassy here, the consignment weighing 53 tons includes field tents, food items and health material was procured by the Red Crescent Society of Iran.
The Saudis do so in enormous field tents equipped with huge fans.
The camp guards will be upgraded from field tents, which offer only marginally better living conditions than those of the detainees.
CAREFULLY STORED in an unmarked building near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, is a national treasure portions of two existing field tents George Washington used as his traveling headquarters during the Revolutionary War.
Cold weather protective clothing and field tents will also be delivered in the coming weeks.
Tenders are invited for Supply and delivery of boots, t-shirts, mine warning tape and field tents.