field strength

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the vector sum of all the forces exerted by an electrical or magnetic field (on a unit mass or unit charge or unit magnetic pole) at a given point in the field

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The applied field strength can be controlled by varying either or both of the applied voltage and the tip-to-collector distance.
After each experiment an average magnetic field strength H and magnetic flux density B, crossing notional horizontal fluid's symmetry axis was calculated.
While changes in T1 relaxation time are well understood with an increase in field strength, the effects of 3T on T2 relaxation times are not as predictable.
In the simulation and experiment, magnetic field strength was slightly increased from 0 to 0.
If a higher UCN density were available, the measuring time could be shorter or the high density could be used to reduce the size of the trap, the field strength, or in other ways.
These typical]y generate a magnetic field strength ranging up to 2000 gauss (0.
Its E-field module can be operated remotely from the base unit, so that field strength can be measured with little or no influence of a human body on the field being measured.
The steel-rimmed spectacles caused a 20 per cent increase in the electric field strength.
The readings from the ground based magnetic survey show that the magnetic field strength increases to the west of the first survey line and that the strongest magnetic field strength readings were taken between line 5 west and line 18 west.
Contract award: MRI - medical imaging equipment with nuclear magnetic resonance magnetic field strength of 1.
The global closed MRI systems market is segmented on the basis of field strength, application, and geography.
Today, magnetic field strength in the area is about 48 microtesla.
Scientists at Alabama A&M University evaluated the effect of field strength, treatment time and temperature on the inactivation of C.
In the center of the spectrometer the field strength is 4 T, in the drift region 0.
The magnetic field strength, time in the field, and amount of B-staging were determined to be the most important and most easily controllable process variables which affect the final properties of the material.