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a sport that is played outdoors

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Potentially, this could result in metabolic limitations in the performance of a field sport athlete within this test (Vescovi and McGuigan, 2008).
To date frame-supported structures have been installed with free span widths of 270' + (82m +) giving sports organizations plenty of space for multiple field sport venues.
In contrast to the millions of participants and the billions spent on field sports, Americans spend only $5.
Bird watching has replaced angling as the most popular field sport in Britain.
Greatest reward goes to the birdwatching field sport and wildlife observation field sport.
Hunting with dogs is an ancient and hallowed field sport in England.
A group of field sport supporters were earlier ejected by police from Parliament after disrupting a committee considering plans to outlaw fox-hunting.
EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ:DISH, DISHP) announced today that DISH Network(TM) satellite television will broadcast the final championship games of hurling, a traditional Irish field sport.
Tenders are invited for Legion Field Sports Medicine Building Roof Replacement
DIG on the event of third NBPMSG here at his office said competition of different track and field sports events between teenagers will not only groom them but also provide the opportunity to show their strength and represent provincial and national team.
Tarrant, who presented the last show of his hit ITV1 series in February, told Field Sports magazine: "I've fished all my life.
In part two he proposes that the proper practice of field sports will lead to the development of environmental virtues: pursuing the good of the biotic community--its beauty, stability, and integrity--and argues for three virtues for the good of biotic diversity: ecological conscience, environmental awareness, and aesthetic competence.
I'm signing Robertson's Guide to Field Sports in Scotland.
The Trust spokesman added: "We are aware of the importance of countryside traditions and allow field sports where they are traditionally practised, providing they are within the law.