field spaniel

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large usually black hunting and retrieving spaniel with a dense flat or slightly wavy coat

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Firm but fair' is good advice when training a field spaniel.
Pam Boyer made the switch to field spaniels from American water spaniels when a friend became ill and wasn't able to raise a field spaniel pup he had coming from a breeding.
Pam and her husband also loved the calmer temperament of the field spaniel.
So unpopular was this "improved" field spaniel that by the end of World War II the breed was almost extinct.
Most people who have had training issues with a field spaniel have had these problems because they failed to do basic obedience and retrieving training.
One other thing that's nice about a field spaniel is that when we're out in the field, they give you 100 percent but at home, they are content to be at your feet.
Nelson is currently putting together a feature on the field spaniel Look for it in an upcoming issue.
Another claims that they crossed field spaniels with curly-coats.
Last year, there were only 70 Bloodhound pups born, 51 Otterhounds, 64 field spaniels and 84 Skye terriers.
I have got eight dogs, including Gordon setters, Irish setters and field spaniels which are show dogs and I am a farmer's wife.