field scabious

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perennial having bluish-lilac flowers

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7) Field Scabious very dainty wild flower that provides a good source of nectar for insects.
p Jim Brady called with news from Rainford and the surrounding farmland, where corn marigolds and field scabious were still blooming in swathes at the beginnning of this month.
Among the sights are sparrowhawks, woodlarks, herons, ducks, owls, siskin and snipe, flowers like the heath spotted orchid, field scabious as well as scarce butterflies like the large skipper.
Field Scabious: The field scabious (Knautia arvensis) along with its cousin the small scabious (Scabiosa columbaria) attract butterflies.
As a result of this perpetual mowing, some plants have disappeared from this area including field scabious, quaking grass, yellow rattle and agrimony.
A small wildflower meadow has been created, featuring plants like corncockle, corn poppy and field scabious.
Plant spring-flowering species such as cowslips, bladder companion, lady's bedstraw and fritillaries along with a sprinkling of later-flowering knapweed, ox eye daisy and field scabious, which attract the small blue and meadow brown butterflies.