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variety of pea plant native to the Mediterranean region and North Africa and widely grown especially for forage

coarse small-seeded pea often used as food when young and tender

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Lecoeur and Sinclair [21] in their study indicated that nitrogen accumulation and partitioning and nitrogen harvest index increase during seed fill of field pea variability in the slope of N harvest index (NHI) increase such that the mean across experiments as a function of days was 36.
Field pea optimum seeding rates for irrigated pea production research highlights.
At the same time leguminous crops such as field pea and green bean (Phaseoulus vulgate L.
1] N- fertiliser and supplementary irrigation; and wheat sown in 2008 into (4) medic stubble, (5) field pea stubble, and (6) canola stubble with 50 kg [ha.
syringae shown to be an important disease of field pea in south eastern Australia.
This paper reports the results of a QTL mapping study of yield, yield components, and developmental traits in a population derived from a cross between two adapted field pea genotypes, the marrowfat pea cultivar Primo and the blue pea breeding line OSU442-15.
For example, I can plant field peas (Pisum arvense) as soon as the ground is thawed--say, around March 1, if not earlier.
It was tested as entry MP1807 in the Field Pea Cooperative Test-A in 2000 and 2001.
We use this approach to examine patterns of isoyield groups for the field pea trials conducted from 1997 to 2001.
This paper reports an evaluation of the efficiency of three spatial analyses (NNA, LSS, and AR1) relative to conventional RCB analysis based on 157 field pea variety trials tested in different growing zones across Alberta, Canada, during 1997 to 2001.
INSECT PESTS are a major problem in the worldwide production of field pea, with the pea weevil being one of the most destructive pests of this grain legume (Clement et al.
For a spring cover crop to be tilled under in early summer, hand broadcast clover or Austrian field pea seed, and lightly rake it into the soil.
Five crops were selected for testing: Cyclone canola, Carneval yellow field pea, Othello pinto dry bean, Radley green field pea, and Kyle durum wheat.
Field pea was resistant to freezing at -2 [degrees] C up to 3 wk and soybean at 1 wk of age.
PEAS are edible legumes and include the cold-hardy field pea (Pisum sativum) and Austrian field pea (Lathyrus hirsutus), both of which produce rapid growth in the spring.