field of vision

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all of the points of the physical environment that can be perceived by a stable eye at a given moment

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Vuzix is testing the software on its M2000AR mobile display that uses a PC-compatible transparent optical system that overlays data on the wearer's field of vision in full color.
Her Lawyer, Jean-Michel Pollono, said traffic officers in Nantes fined her pounds 22 based on a rule that drivers should have "freedom of movement and a sufficient field of vision.
When you stop and think about it, it's appalling that so many lethally heavy trucks plough along our roads with drivers without a proper field of vision.
Existing missile guidance devices can only achieve about 20 degree field of vision -- this means that the camera has to be attached to a mechanical mount and swivelled around to scan wide areas.
With this new Head Medium Display (HMD) from Johnson Controls, the graphic information is projected onto a fold-out, transparent plastic polycarbonate pane in the driver's field of vision that comes out via the hood.
We take pleasure in our ability to contribute and offer more Technion students the opportunity to research the fascinating field of vision systems and particularly eye tracking during their studies.
The system's highway mode increases beam width and length when the vehicle travels over 55 mph, improving field of vision by as much as 164 ft.
Under the directive, these would have to be 'Class IV and V' "close proximity and large angle mirrors", or alternative mirror systems "whose field of vision covers not less than 99% of the total field of vision at ground level" of these specially designed systems; lorries which cannot be fitted with new mirror systems could use "other devices of indirect vision".
It occurs when light-sensing cells malfunction in a part of the retina called the macula and block the central field of vision.
Vision is described in terms of visual acuity and field of vision Visual acuity is a measure of how well an individual sees compared with someone with normal sight--for example, a person with 20/60 vision must be within 20 feet of an object to see it as clearly as a normal-sighted person at 60 feet--and a normal field of vision is 160 to 170 degrees.
A Western psychologist's view of the mandala: "It is meant to aid concentration by narrowing down the psychic field of vision and restricting it to the center.
My breath is hot from impatience, which ensures me a round field of vision, protecting me from leucoma.
Some people go years, or whole lifetimes, without considering a thing out of their narrow field of vision.
We have to recognize our gaze, the one-way exercise of power that renders those in our field of vision as objects.
It can't be easy to get through a scene with people roaming in and out of your performance space and field of vision.