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graduates' wages by field of study through the Survey of Earned Doctorates.
The connection between sources of advice and "second thoughts" about college attendees' choice of major suggests the current model of advising students may need some change, including potentially diversifying advice on choosing a field of study.
We then conducted a binary logistic regression predicting smoking status, entering field of study in Model A, field of study and demographics in Model B, and field of study, demographics, and health behavior variables in Model C.
Descriptive statistics (mean and standard deviation) for each field of study are presented in Table 8.
People with such a qualification provide a clear signal for the labor market; their field of study is highly indicative of their productivity and trainability.
Among college graduates, women earned 73 percent as much as men in 1993; however, when earnings of women were compared with those of men in the same major field of study, at the same degree level, and in the same age group, about half of the women earned at least 87 percent as much as the men
Kurtzke is chief of the Neuroepidemiology Section at the VA Center -- a field of study he virtually invented.
Recently, however, a wealth of new data on earnings by major field of study and occupation was collected.
Peer review by a panel of independent and external experts, members of which must either possess professional experience conducting risk assessment or in the given field of study, to certify the assessment and incorporate the best available scientific data.
The same report indicated that vocational students who find a job in their field of study do tend to enjoy higher pay after graduation than those who follow a general education track.
A most since the inception of social science as a field of study and a tool for analyzing human relations, there have been those who argued that the concept of race is unscientific and useless.
EntrepreneurshipWeek USA events will reach out to thousands of students, no matter what their field of study.
adults would change at least one aspect of their education experience, with major or field of study being the most common regret.
Further, our analysis by field of study reveals that the returns to associate degrees are higher than the returns to long-term and short-term certificates within almost every field, but that a larger proportion of long-term certificates tend to be offered in high-return fields.
Washington, April 2 (ANI): A new study conducted at the University of Granada (Spain) has found that 6 out of every 10 university students, regardless their field of study, present any symptom of anxiety when it comes to deal with mathematics.