field of regard

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all of the points of the physical environment that can be perceived by a stable eye at a given moment

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Microvision's retinal scanning display (RSD) technology can enable the presentation of a navigationally-accurate picture of the outside scene based largely on a graphics rendition of a worldwide terrain, obstruction, and airport database throughout the pilot's field of regard during all phases of flight.
The dual sensor payload now features a 320 x 240 pixel InSb Focal Plane Array IR imager with a wider Field of Regard, while the TV camera, which also features AutoFocus, adds an operator-controllable low-light setting that extends TV imaging into dusk and dawn conditions.
VistaView uses state-of-the-art head tracking technology to provide a full 360 degree field of regard for the pilot.
VistaView utilizes state-of-the-art head tracking technology and a high resolution inset to provide a full 360 degree field of regard for the pilot.
The LOAM field of view is greater then 40x30 degrees and is automatically oriented in larger Field of Regards to anticipate future helicopter motion.