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Their stories of heroism and sacrifice still speak to us - helping the Commission to reach new generations eager to discover the stories of those sporting heroes who gave so much on the field of battle a century ago.
You could not even respect the courage of a soldier who was honoured for his courage in the field of battle.
The Folds of Honor Foundation is honored to partner with Colt to make sure we leave no family behind on the field of battle," said retired Army Maj.
Representing the UK and Wales on the field of battle across the world is what we do, carrying our regimental colours with us.
There are around 1,400 French people and residents here believed to be involved in the conflicts in Iraq and Syria, either on the field of battle or en route to or from the battlefield.
However, her heroism in the field of battle soon wins over her macho male colleagues.
You have given a noble example in thus coming forward, you are certain to give a noble example on the field of battle.
Some 1,800 of its ranks fell on the field of battle and 4,500 more were wounded.
He was the first police officer to be awarded the Kirti Chakra, a military medal awarded for valour for courageous action away from the field of battle.
They all practice the art of the recovery of remains by scouring the world--from mountain peaks to murky swamps to the bottom of the sea--to find those who rest on the field of battle.
Senator Big Teeth crying for a bendable straw on the field of battle.
On the field of battle, there have been attempts to co-ordinate the assault with fighters from Misurata in the west told to hold their positions, while troops from Benghazi in the east tried to take ground in the city centre.
Just like in 1921, many of today's veterans have been left with dreadful physical and mental scars from the field of battle.
He added: "He took to the field of battle like a natural; he was perfectly at home in the most difficult and dangerous of circumstances and his bravery never wavered under fire.
Juburi is the third commander for the Abu Ghraib intersection to be martyred in the field of battle," the statement read.