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any of various small mouselike rodents of the family Cricetidae (especially of genus Microtus) having a stout short-tailed body and inconspicuous ears and inhabiting fields or meadows

any nocturnal Old World mouse of the genus Apodemus inhabiting woods and fields and gardens

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The smell is believed to come from a decomposing field mouse under a photocopier.
A new 33 apartment kitchen equipment at the Field Mouse Passage 1 00780 Helsinki, Finland.
Please notice that a field mouse with no lines does not show up anywhere on this list.
I was fascinated by it, partly because I had done it at school - I played a field mouse when I was 11.
Dead field mouse cradled in the leather-interior palm
Although for months the only thing he brought home was a discarded sausage roll, the cold winter nights have brought the odd field mouse inside.
The researchers focused their analysis on the striped field mouse, Apodemus agrarius, which hosted the great majority of the ticks and chiggers they recovered.
Autumn leaves rustle as I walk Upon my field of memories Rain pours down and trickles through Bare branches on undressed trees Lightning streaks across the sky Black clouds gather all around A squirrel sprints to safety find From the clap of a thunderous sound Still I continue unperturbed Soaking everything up in my mind Until the lakeside now appears Teaming with a wildlife to find I stand awhile to take it in Throw swans and ducks a treat Soon to be greeting each one in turn As they gather for more at my feet A field mouse watches not far away Wanting a feed but too shy And in the distance I glance to see The shape of a fox slinking by t's now getting chillier in the air As I continue on my path Ignoring the weather as I walk on Happy to bear Autumn's wrath Where is it I stroll?
Maybe the poem will be small as a mole, a field mouse hidden in a
A field mouse asked the first question: "Who will attach the bell?
Retired social worker David Gorman, 57, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, also had to be patient to capture this intrepid field mouse as it stuck its head through a pipe.
Wild mountain ponies, which graze for conservation on Anglesey, contrast with angry dark skies Picture: BWPA / GAIL JOHNSON Gail Johnson Phillip Thomas won the BWPA's CCW section with his picture of a field mouse.
He lived on the land like a field mouse, without heart like a field
Of course Chester is a field mouse who is a displaced and discontented with life in one of the cities of the industrialized north.
6 of the company's software Field Mouse which supports additional input devices such as the Radiodetection 8000, PCM+ and a laser range finder.