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shrubby Eurasian maple often used as a hedge

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This particular area of land was planted up with young trees (at public expense), about 20 years ago, of a variety of native species, including English oak, hawthorn, field maple and ash trees.
Day lilies add a touch of drama | Day lilies add a touch of drama A hedge of a diversity of native species - beech, hazel, holly, elder, field maple and oak - will offer food and shelter to a wealth of creatures.
Credit: Dan van den Toorn An old field maple in Middlesbrough Credit: Wildflower Ark
Ideal varieties include hawthorn, yew and field maple, which will absorb some of the noise.
The planting will consist entirely of native species such as red and white hawthorn, field maple, holly, spindle and beech.
Funding came from Whitefriars Housing, Santander Bank and Warwick Volunteers, an organisation connecting students and staff at the university with community volunteering projects, who all donated cash to buy the trees, including oaks, cherry, hazel, field maple and Scots pine.
Apart from some habitat land in a Tir Gofal agreement, all 140 hectares of the farmland will be planted with mostly native broadleaves, including oak, ash, alder, field maple and cherry trees.
Next is a British native, Acer campestre, our Field Maple, often seen in hedgerows, which colours to a soft butter yellow.
These include some obvious examples such as Acer campeste, the field maple that buzzes for two weeks when it is in flower in spring, three different hollies that need the pollinators to help produce the berries that feed the birds in winter and two different eating apples that provide us with valuable fruits in autumn.
It now boasts a mixture of hawthorn, field maple, blackthorn, spindle and hazel.
Elder, hazel and field maple make attractive fillers, and guelder rose, viburnum opulus or the wayfaring tree, viburnum lantana, will add white blossom and berries.
The location is idyllic, say the agents, with lovely views over the Herefordshire landscape and surrounding woodlands with ash, oak, larch, hazel, field maple, wild cherry, lime holly and much more.
Other good autumn choices are snake bark maples like acer davidii George Forrest, with its red-stalked leaves, and the native field maple A.