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an imaginary line in a field of force

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New footage put together by an international team led by University of Cambridge researchers shows how entangled magnetic field lines looping from the Sun's surface slip around each other and lead to an eruption 35 times the size of the Earth and an explosive release of magnetic energy into space.
Scientists have not found a matching footprint at the southern end of the magnetic field line.
1 At the beginning of the solar cycle, the sun's magnetic field lines run directly from one pole to the other.
The proposed method assumes that the guiding center of the cyclotron orbit of any decay particle trajectory closely follows the magnetic field lines.
In general, Earth's magnetic field lines can be thought of as rubber bands stretched taut by the solar wind, which is actually charged particles flowing in all directions from the sun, said study co-author Vassilis Angelopoulos, a space physicist at the University of California, Los Angeles.
One end of each of the ropelike magnetic field lines remains anchored in the disk, while the other is carried off by gas particles as they exit the disk and fall into the hole.
Each satellite is equipped with 25 sensors to record in splitsecond detail what happens when the planet's magnetic field lines break apart and reconnect.
Researchers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center investigated these mysterious holes, and found evidence that the sun's magnetic field lines may be penetrating through the planet.
Scientists refer to this new region as a magnetic highway for charged particles because our sun's magnetic field lines are connected to interstellar magnetic field lines.
Scientists believe that when Voyager enters interstellar space, it will reveal a major change in the measurement of the direction of magnetic field lines surrounding the spacecraft.
The loop inductance of an interconnect is the total number of rings of magnetic field lines surrounding the conductor, per amp of current through it.
Since the field lines end on the quadrupole pole faces the [beta]s are guided to the poles.
Considering that the protons took a long, curving path along one of the sun's magnetic field lines, rather than the direct route that light travels, the particles must have been moving at more than 43 percent the speed of light, says Mewaldt.
This causes electrons to speed down Earth's magnetic field lines toward the poles.
These factors create a complex three-dimensional web of voltage gradients often referred to as electrical field lines.