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a football official

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The final members of the team who gained a maximum 30 points were the officials who again did a sterling job with Kevin Johns ending up as chief time-keeper, John Buckingham as track judge, and Adrienne Dewhirst, Richard Szostak, Emma Szostak, who were joined by John and Andy when events permitted carried out the field judge duties.
It's only fitting that in the year of the official, line judge Jeff Bergman and field judge Kevin Mack cost Green Bay a playoff win.
His wife Susan, an international athletics technical delegate, referee and field judge, was secretary of the International Paralympic Committee for 12 years and in 2001 was awarded an MBE for services to sport for the disabled.
When the officials did not signal a touchdown, Reed sprang to his feet and bumped into field judge Steve Zimmer, who had rushed in to spot the ball at the 1.
After a brief discussion, field judge David Warden and back judge Kirk Dornan agreed.
The match was supervised by Aamir Hamza and Haroon Rashid while Master Khan acted as field judge.
Anyhow, the NFL has modified the procedure for the coin toss - the referee, the back judge and the field judge all will witness the event at midfield.
Hammou Tijani, IAAF Lecturer based in Morocco, was in Dubai to conduct a two-day seminar for nearly 20 aspiring track and field judges in the Gulf over the weekend.
The matches were supervised by Urooj Khan and Saima while Sumair acted as field judges.
Managers John McFadzean and Adrienne Dewhirst, time keepers Kevin Johns and Alwyn Dewhirst, track judge John Buckingham, field judges Richard Szostac, Andy Storr, Cara Penfold, Samantha Tingey, James Dewhirst, Adrienne Dewhirst, and John McFadzean all played a valuable part gaining maximum officiating points to add to the total.
To put on a top-standard meeting needs experienced officials across the board from timekeepers, track and field judges to numerous volunteers to see that things go without a hitch.
Whitta, who lives in Connah's Quay, and Morris, from Chester, have both been appointed as field judges and will work inside the Olympic Stadium.
The match was supervised by Ashaq Hussain and Hidayatullah Khan while Tehsinullah and Master Khan and Bakhtiar acted as field judges.
Guests included Axle Whitehead, Cal Wilson, Charlie Goldsmith, Daniel MacPherson, Emma Freedman, Hayden Guppy, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, Margot Robbie, Patricia Ilhan, Ryan Shelton, Scott McGregor & Chelsea Butler and Collingwood Football Players including Anthony Rocca, Travis Cloke and Tarkyn Lockyer and Emirates Stakes Day Fashions on the Field Judges Melissa Hetherington, Kim Fletcher, Charlie Brown and Rhys Uhlich.
Four up-and-down arrows enable field judges to easily navigate UCD menus as if using a TV remote control.