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the vector sum of all the forces exerted by an electrical or magnetic field (on a unit mass or unit charge or unit magnetic pole) at a given point in the field

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The reciprocal orientation of the transmission directions of the polarizers PI and P2 (which are initially crossed) and the new orientation of the electric field intensity at the emergency from the optical active layer are shown in Fig.
Therefore, this simple theoretical analysis states, and the experimental results confirm (see further in the text), that there exist a value of the electric field intensity that maximizes the effect of the frost reduction and after which the increase of the electric field intensity causes an increase of the heat and mass transfer mechanisms which reduce up to annul the frost reduction mechanism.
The resultant electric field intensity at a point 'P' at the inner surface of the outer Enclosure is given by [6]
M] is the real part of the dielectric permittivity of the suspending medium, and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the magnitude of the electric field intensity (root-mean-squared value).
In Figure 1, E=Electric Field Intensity (V/m), H=Magnetic Field Intensity (A/m), J=Current Density (A/[m.
Topics of this volume in the series include environmentally and occupationally encountered fields, endogenous electric fields in animals, magnetic properties of biological material, interactions of direct current and extremely low-frequency electric fields with biological materials and systems, magnetic field effects on free radical reactions, biological effects of static magnetic fields, the ion cyclotron resonance hypothesis, computational methods for predicting field intensity and temperature change, exposure assessment, electromagnetic imaging of biological systems.
We analyzed the ability to perceive EMF by calculating Spearman rank correlations between perceived field intensity and true exposure status for each subject.
The field intensity is controlled through the software interface.
Electric Field Intensity, E, is complex because the frequencies in a particular section of the earth at any time are a function of the magnetosphere, atmospherics and man-made radio and microwaves.
Pore formation is reversible or irreversible, depending on the electric field intensity, the pulse duration and the number of pulses applied.
Where M is the induced magnetization of the particle, m is the mass of the particle, [chi] is the specific magnetic susceptibility, and H is the magnetic field intensity.
The intensity of Earth's magnetic field has also varied dramatically through time, and ocean floor sediments have preserved a record of Earth's magnetic field intensity over the past few hundred thousand years.
Scaling factors are used to calculate the production rates with regard to a reference location that has been chosen to be at sea level at high latitude (SLHL), where the production rate is independent of the geomagnetic field intensity.
nc] are the corresponding electric field intensity and [[rho].
Future releases of ApsimRPATH will include field intensity EMI plots.
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