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Every person old enough to have still experienced life in a field hut would speak in the 1980s with some nostalgia of the time there and how tasty (nyaman) the food was after a long and exhausting day's work
After the four lamatai parai have been given their share of the rice, the householder, or his proxy, selects three of the finest rice ears from anywhere in the field, cuts the stalks just above the kernel (ugong) using the traditional rice-harvesting hand knife (isau kujang), and with any of the following leaves: raun latu, (63) raun kuab (64), raun teribu, (65) raun tangang, (66) raun teratus, (67) wraps (mobod) them into a simpur leaf (Dillenia spp), before taking the bundle to the open field hut (tadong).
All rice gathered so far is deposited first of all in the field hut.
Any basket used during the prohibition period is left in the field hut, generally on the open platform and must not be touched by anybody other than its user.
Only when completely full may the latter be taken to the field hut.
75) No baskets were to be stacked (nyusun) anywhere in the field or under the field hut.
The worst that could happen during harvesting was when the field hut would collapse (matutur) under the weight of people or rice, or if all or part of the hut's floor slipped down (jimolok) after a bamboo cord that lashed it to the stake snapped, causing all or part of the stored rice to tumble to the ground.
The Australian Antarctic Division will use a network of field huts to support future research on Macquarie Island, and will close the existing permanent research station in March next year.
While scientific research on the island will be impacted, opportunities to conduct high priority research will remain possible through the use of the six existing field huts and through extended ship visits into the future.
Limited Tenders are invited for Construction Of Three Field Huts For The Division Of Agronomy At Iari, New Delhi-12.