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a temporary military hospital near the battle lines

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The field hospitals set up by army are functioning at Nowshera, Charsadda, Jalozai, DI Khan and Kalam.
Palestinian parliamentarian Rawya Al Shawwa hailed on Wednesday services and efforts provided by the Jordanian military field hospital in Gaza.
The Welsh Ambulance Service is considering converting an inflatable decontamination tent on New Year's Eve close to the Millennium Stadium field hospital, which treats people injured on a night out.
More than 80 doctors and nurses from the Territorial Army's Birmingham-based 202 Field Hospital will spend three months manning a medical centre at the British military's Camp Bastion HQ from April.
That frontline care has fallen largely on the many field hospitals set up by the Red Cross, the People's Liberation Army, local governments and other groups.
The study's authors acknowledged that field hospitals pose a challenge for infection control because the temporary structures erected in the midst of a desert are difficult to thoroughly clean.
It can be augmented to whatever size you need, and that's the beauty of it," he explained, noting that with older Navy combat field hospitals, "you got what you got.
Modeled on the rapid-response field hospitals currently in use by the United States military, particularly in the Iraq war, the state hospital association's Disaster Medical Facility is designed to become fully operational within 24 hours and remain functional for the duration of an incident.
The two countries remain technically at war (Israel is frequently demonised as "Zionist Imperialists" by the Ba'ath Party rejectionists of the Assad regime) but that has not stopped more than 500 victims of the bloody civil conflict in Syria seeking life-saving treatment at three field hospitals especially constructed on the Golan Heights - occupied by Israel after Syria's defeat in the 1967 Six Day War.
We are ready to set up as many as six field hospitals in Somalia once the security condition allow and appropriate places are allocated," Recep Akdag told Anadolu Agency.
ISLAMABAD, December 16, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) has successfully established various field hospitals in flood hit areas for providing immediate healthcare facilities to the flood affectees.
Summary: Ouarzazate - In anticipation of the winter season and cold spells often accompanied by snowfall in the mountainous regions especially of the High Atlas, which result in traffic problems suffered by local populations, HM King Mohammed VI gave his high instructions to install three military field hospitals starting from this week.
Director-General of Ambulance and Emergency department in the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, Mu'awiya Hassanein, hailed the donation and efforts of the Jordanian field hospitals which work around the clock to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians in the Israeli-blockaded enclave.
Northwest Airlines donated the transportation costs for delivering both field hospitals, which are a product of BLU-MED Response Systems.
Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled the plan Friday, proposing the extra funds to help the state's health system prepare for disasters by purchasing mobile field hospitals, antiviral drugs, ventilators, protective equipment and other supplies.