field hockey

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a game resembling ice hockey that is played on an open field

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In 2002, Shahbaz Ahmed retired from playing the game of field hockey for good.
Indoor hockey is a recognised World Cup format version of field hockey and has emerged as one of the biggest indoor team sports attractions in Europe.
A four-year varsity field hockey and softball player for the Rebels, she was co-captain of both squads as a senior.
Comment: Injuries are a part of sports, particularly with sports such as field hockey.
Total thirty healthy collegiate students; 15 field hockey and 15 football players, mean age 21years (range between 18-25 years), university level players from Jamia Millia Islamia, India, participated in the study.
India, who won the last of their eight Olympic field hockey gold medals at the Moscow Games in 1980, failed to qualify for the Beijing Games in 2008 and finished last in London.
30pm Field Hockey, men's Euro League, AHTC Wien [Austria] vs Atletic Terrassa [Spain] (Eurosport2)
He is also the first Indo-Canadian and the first field hockey player to receive the honour.
Particularly in the sports of volleyball (4) and field hockey (5) administrators are having to deal with the legal and policy questions behind whether boys legally can and normatively should be allowed to play on girls' teams.
Collegiate women who play field hockey have twice the rate of hand injuries as men who play ice hockey or women who play lacrosse because field hockey players shun the use of protective gloves, Dr.
On one October weekend in Northern Virginia, hundreds of high school athletes rode buses for more than two hours to Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia, to play their field hockey and football games.
Just as a girl can be on a football team, state rules allow a boy to play field hockey.
Field hockey is played on a rectangular field slightly smaller than a soccer field, with a goal at each end.
This student's journal aims at helping to develop a successful and highly motivated high school girls field hockey team.