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Field hands came alone and in families, staying in tents, dugouts, huts, or caravans on the farm, and included Irish and Scottish Gypsies or Travellers, who brought with them a wealth of traditional music, dance, and folklore.
Publicity flyers for Harvest notwithstanding, the novel does not show local life to be a pastoral idyll, but instead stresses the hard manual labor of the field hands and their frequent injuries.
We aren't out there anymore as field hands, warriors on horseback or hunters and gatherers just trying to keep body and soul together with enough nourishment to sustain ourselves day to day.
El Gort" directed by Tunisia's Hamza Ouni, makes its political point through its focus on destitute field hands, whose hopeless lives stand as testimony to the fact that revolutions don't change anything, Cavina says.
For the little field hands, the menu included kid-friendly foods such as pigs in blankets, pretzel haystacks, cow-print Rice Krispie treats, and mini apple pies.
Ambrosio, a farmer, decided to recreate his family's cheese, which they had stopped making after the Franco government began rationing food and their field hands left for the cities.
She and thousands of others -- field hands, agricultural engineers, street vendors, juice shops and patisseries -- are in the thick of local strawberry season, helping bring the bright red fruits to plates and mouths all over the country.
She proposes that descendant knowledge be included as part of the heritage tourism and preservation process in order to represent enslaved Africans not just as field hands but as family and community members, engineers, midwives, teachers, and artisans.
In Julie Otsuka's compelling new novel, The Buddha in the Attic, a group of Japanese picture brides--women who have been married to men they know only through photos--voyage across the ocean; meet and sleep with their Japanese immigrant husbands for the first time; work as field hands, cooks, maids, or prostitutes; struggle with English; try to understand the ways of white Americans; and give birth and raise children who grow up ashamed of their mothers' thick accents.
It is clear that Byzantine slaves were not mere field hands but also played significant roles as artisans and as shop foremen in urban settings.
Women black or white with snaky tresses, field hands with huge erections, hatchet-faced overseers, little kids engaged in unspeakable acts.
Kern's reconstruction of the plantation landscape, the "fashionable house" and its furnishings, the home quarter where more privileged slaves lived and worked, and the more distant quarters where field hands specialized in producing tobacco and, later, wheat for market, provides an extraordinarily thick and compelling description of household and home, bringing "together the histories of .
The way Amador and some of the old-timers tell it, the corraleja traces its roots well back into the 19th century, when field hands took to building temporary corrals (hence, corralejas), and cape in hand, began fighting the bulls.
Every state has an educational administrative body, industry organizations, related vendors, suppliers and contractors, in addition to old field hands like me, or local CTE instructors that could be persuaded to implement it.
These managers relied on slave drivers to assign individualized daily tasks to the plantation's field hands and monitor their performance.