field goal

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a score in American football

a score in basketball made by throwing the ball through the hoop


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Mohammed Dilbar's field goal came in the 5th minute and Bilal Qadir scored his field goal in the 8yh minute.
Veteran Akhtar Ali (45th min), Arsalan Qadir (56th min) and Atiq Arshad (60th min) scored one field goal each.
Kamran scored the field goal on the pass given by Atif Yar Tiwana while Atif scored the field goal by his solo effort while Saqib Khan Khakwani scored for Allied Bank/ Guard Group on the 30 yards penalty hit to reduce the margin 4-2.
For some perspective, the record for the longest field goal in NFL history is held by four kickers: Tom Dempsey, Jason Elam, David Akers, and Sebastian Janikowski.
As a field goal kicker, you have to go with what's given to you.
Congdon, who is from SanDiego, was a first-team freshman All-American in 2005 when he made 19 of 23 field goals, including a last-minute winning kick against Kansas State that clinched a bowl berth for the Cornhuskers.
A field goal, a touchdown and extra point, a touchdown and two-point play, or do they need two scores?
His longest field goal was a 57-yard kick against the Chicago Bears in 2002.
Mohammed Imran neatly netted a penalty corner in the 22nd minute to give his team a 2-1 lead which was again equalled by a beautiful field goal by Railways' Junaid in the 24thminute.
Danelo enjoyed a stellar career at USC, making 26 of 28 field goals, including a streak of 15 consecutive, and 127 of 134 extra points.
Complete Guide to Special Teams provides the tactical insights for gaining an advantage in every facet of the crucial third component of championship squads: kickoffs, kickoff returns, extra points, two-point conversions, punts, punt returns, field goals, and punt and field goal blocks.
Again, they do not tell how to distinguish between an "unsuccessful field goal attempt" and a scrimmage kick place kick that is not a field goal attempt.
Pearce's 37-yard field goal in the fourth quarter gave the Kingsmen the lead, and Jose Rojas, making his CLU debut, added a late, 19-yard touchdown run to clinch the victory.
It executes two plays, a spike, and then kicks the field goal to tie the score and go into overtime.