field glasses

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an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes

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As he brought the bare, snow-covered heights into his field glasses, with the dark woods on either side, he focused his lens on a pair of horses without riders, standing motionless as though frozen still in the snow.
I say this to all of you, but particularly To the old guy with the Zeiss field glasses And sketch pad (remembrancer of the world) And to the bedroom-blue-eyed sailor, well- Hung troubador of one song, a drone of first knowledge ('How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away,' etc.
Steiner manufactures and markets field glasses and optical industrial components worldwide.
For hunters, compacts are, at best, a compromise because most of them do not have high enough relative brightness factors to be the best choice during dawn and dusk periods -- the times when hunters most need their field glasses.
Additionally, hiking sticks, binoculars, field glasses and camping lanterns and lights will also be made available for the active, outdoors enthusiast.
We were both on our bellies behind a log, me with my rifle poised for a shot, Dad with his field glasses scanning the fringe of the forest and the huge natural meadow that was Bummer's Flats.
If 60 to 65 percent of those in a crowd need field glasses in order to clearly make out the uniform numbers, then the building is too big for basketball.
Rawinski stepped back, pushed back the brim of his baseball cap, and put the field glasses to his eyes.
During the eight-mile river journey, as police launches prowled watchfully around, the Marshal frequently raised his field glasses to view some ship or building.
I watched him shoot using field glasses from the stands.
You find hunters cruising the roads in pickups, using field glasses fixed to their half-down windows like drive-in movie speakers.
Other items in stock include a selection of high-powered telescopes and field glasses, Paulo Soleri Future City bells, "map wrap" wrapping paper, holographic kaleidoscopes, energy orbs, fossils, gemstones, survival tools, clothing, and a large selection of educational toys and games.
To check for possible storm damage, McLintock suggests surveying the roof with binoculars or field glasses, carefully using a ladder if necessary.
Letting the field glasses dangle around my neck, I sat back on my heels in the cover of some willow scrub at the meadow's edge.
Elsewhere, the DD collection includes jig saw puzzles, board games, spacemen sets and even a painting by numbers set and another favourite comprising a tie clip, a tin of tooth powder, another containing secret ink and a pair of field glasses, all licensed by Eagle Comics and all dating from the 19650s and 60s.