field glass

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a small refracting telescope

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Presov created a bronze 3D model of the historical city centre, while in Krosno, officials decided to present historical and cultural buildings of the city's traditional route through 3D glasses and a panoramic field glass.
blankets 1 roll carpeting 1 sword 1 gold watch 1 compass and case 4 keys i corkscrew 1 knife 1 gold ring Bank notes: ($125) one hundred and twenty-five dollars Gold: ($5) Five dollars Field glass, camp cot, revolver, and
At these words Captain Opujic came riding into the tent, scattering the spectators aside and holding a military field glass in his hand.
Years after the Revolutionary War, an old veteran remembered that Washington rode up to his to unit to inspect the landscape with a field glass.
Even the smallest field glass displays them in lines and loops spanning 5 |degrees~ or more, including a ragged V resembling a flock of northward-flying geese led by Gamma.