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(football) the person who plays quarterback

(American football) the position of the football player in the backfield who directs the offensive play of his team

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In 2009-2010, according to Alaska oil and gas field general contractor CONAM Construction Co.
Rasheed is a former junior technician of Pakistan Air Force who was on death row after getting convicted by a field general court martial for engineering an attack on Mosharaf in December 2003.
Field General Court Marshal (FGCM) proceedings were completed against Brigadier Ali Khan, Major Inayat Aziz, Major Iftikhar, Major Sohail Akbar and Major Jawad Baseer.
Islamabad, Mar 20 ( ANI ): A Field General Court Martial (FGCM) where Brigadier (retd) Ali Brig Ali was being tried has dropped one of two charges against him.
Page Field The Page Field General Aviation Airport is leaning toward hiring national firm PBS&J to redevelop the southwest quadrant of the airport in Fort Myers, Fla.
Embattled Rex Grossman goes to the bench, and Brian Griese (right, with coach Lovie Smith) takes his place as the field general of the Chicago Bears.
During the First World War, he excelled as a field general in the Southwest African campaign and also served on the Imperial War Cabinet.
Similarly, and ironically, although he was anchored in Pentagon "staff' operations, Doc was at his best as a field general among the ranks of line managers from all corners of the federal bureaucracy.
It seems clear, though, that while the mutineers were guilty as charged, haste and procedural flaws weakened the authorities' case: Gardiner himself presided at the Field General Court Martial which convicted them.
Blair also spent a dozen years as a Latin American military specialist, working for a time in Guatemala when SOA graduate Hector Gramajo "was their field general, killing off over 1,000 Indians a week.
The contractor is entitled and obliged under the following provisions on the basis of individual orders by the respective customer - tow the order and transport services, the Field General Regulatory Affairs and the market management of the City of Cologne, vehicles including items carried in the city of Cologne to move, to accommodate to keep and maintain.
McCullum stayed in the field for nearly two sessions despite a pulled hamstring, directing operations like a wounded field general, and he added: "It's a bit sore, but it's not hurting as much as some other parts of my body are feeling after we've come so close.
The court in its verdict on the Civil Review Petition stated that the accused involved in the attack on Pervez Musharraf "were found involved in the commission of offence for seducing and attempting to seduce persons in the Military Force of Pakistan from their allegiance to the Government of Pakistan, as such, they were arrested and tried by the Field General Court Martial.
A field general typically utilizes more of a directive approach involving smaller, but very focused teams.