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the emission of electrons that are stripped from parent atoms by a high electric field

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Project Name: South china university of technology focused ion beam field emission scanning electron microscope
The JSM-7800F combines an in-lens field emission gun with an aperture angle control lens, optimizing large probe currents (up to 200 nA) for operation at the smallest probe diameter.
Under the agreement with Field Emission Technologies (FET) and FET Japan Inc (FETJ), AUO will purchase assets including patents, know-how, inventions and relevant equipment related to FED technology and materials.
Field emission displays (FED): Similar to EL devices, these rely on tiny emitter tips that release electrons across a small vacuum space to the screen.
Divided into four sections, the first part discusses the preparation and characterization of carbon nanotubes, while part two is devoted to the field emission properties of carbon nanotubes, including the electron emission mechanism, characteristics of CNT electron sources, and dynamic behavior of CNTs during operation.
JEOL's series of field emission scanning electron microscopes is now complete with the introduction of the sub-nanometer imaging resolution JSM- 7800F.
AU Optronics (TAIEX: 2409) (NYSE: AUO) said today that it has purchased patents, inventions and equipment related to field emission display technology from Field Emission Technologies Inc, a company partly owned by Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE).
The new electron optical elements and proprietary electron gun technology offer 10 times the current stability of cold field emission guns.
The value of nano-tips as replacement electron sources in production field emission critical dimension scanning electron microscopes (CD-SEMs) is being explored in a two-part study for ISEMATECH.
In essence, the group has invented a new kind of instrument, called a femto-second field emission camera, which combines the features of a video camera and an oscilloscope.
NYSE:A) today announced the introduction of the Agilent 8500 field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM).
Contract Awarded for Field emission scanning electron microscope,one set;ultrahigh resolution field emission scanning electron microscope,one set;laser confocal raman spectroscopy,one set.
JEOL's series of Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes (FE-SEM) offer expanded imaging and analysis capabilities customizable to performance requirements.
has brought to market a significant innovation in how scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are built and operate, mySEM is a compact, low voltage, field emission SEM, which features a miniaturized core technology.
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