field emission

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the emission of electrons that are stripped from parent atoms by a high electric field

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CNT based field emission sources for electron beam tools represent the company's next major product offering.
Silicon-based microfabrication techniques enable Agilent to design and fabricate a miniature electrostatic electron beam column combined with a field emission electron source for the 8500.
The new microscope replaces two older units and provides a high-intensity field emission electron source and state-of-the-art electron optics.
The new X-FEG is a refinement of the Schottky thermally-assisted field emission technology that FEI pioneered for electron microscopy applications.
In light of recent public comments from Mitsubishi, Noritake, Samsung, NHK and others stating that carbon nanotube field emission is the future technology for large consumer television applications, our new composites will expedite the transition to production for manufacturers and facilitate new licensing agreements for us," said Dr.
Prior Information Notice: Field emission scanning electron microscope with edx analyzer, xrf analysis systems and software for automated analysis of gsr converter (gsc).
Cambridge Energy Research, Dresser Japan, electricity deregulation, Kimmon, Tokyo Gas, nuclear power, energy security, TEPCO, utilities, dengen kaihatsu sokushinzei, fuel cells, NEDO, biomass energy, photovoltaic energy, hydrogen technology, energy conservation, low-emission vehicles, global warming prevention technologies, materials technology, nanotechnology, carbon dioxide reduction, chlorofluorocarbons, carbon nanotube field emission display, next-generation FTTH, inkjet circuit substrates, nanoglass, Murata Manufacturing, Enax, Daiken Kagaku, First American Scientific, Mihama Inc.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of a system of sample preparation and electronic criomicroscopE[degrees]a criomicroscopio 200 kilovolt transmission equipped with field emission gun and direct electron detector.
Contract notice: Supply, installation and commissioning of a cold field emission scanning electron microscope, including packing, shipping, delivery and training of users.
Finally we believe that our research and development efforts resulted in a valid manufacturing approach to low cost high quality carbon nanotubes for electron field emission applications.
Contract notice: LU00431 Supply of 2 new field emission scanning electron microscopes (FE-SEM).
Contract notice: CJ-10-14-LS-CRYOMICROSCOPE-CS CRYOSCOPE transmission electron microscope with field emission gun electron source.
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