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(military) a day for military exercises and display

a day for outdoor athletic competition

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a time of unusual pleasure and success

a day devoted to an outdoor social gathering


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Look at those smiling faces--disabled veterans and young people--sharing in a HAVA/United Sportsmen's Youth Foundation field day.
During an agricultural field day, recently, Deputy Director responsible for extension and specialist services, John Nyangulu declared that Agricultural Research and Extension Trust (ARET) has brought in three new tobacco varieties in Malawi which according to the trust are pest and disease resistant besides being fast maturing.
Agricultural experts stated this at a farmer's field day arranged by Monsanto Pakistan at their research centre in Manga Madi near here on Friday.
The certificates were awarded at the WAD 2013 Field Day and graduation ceremony.
Regional growers at Field Days saw demonstrations by regional suppliers and manufacturers of their solutions for the market.
It was not positioned as a replacement for plot tours, because we're still seeing about 70 percent attendance at dealer field days.
When field day, I joined the Navy more than 24 years ago, the squadrons and AIMDs would shut down every Thursday at 1300 for two hours to hold no matter how bad the backlog was.
Supply Department personnel conducted training on tag-out procedures and electrical safety with emphasis on field days and other cleaning evolutions.
Barley Field Days provide an excellent opportunity for us to personally thank these dedicated growers.
Completion will require considerably more time than the originally estimated 20 field days with final documentation and report some 30 days later.
There are more than 100 agricultural show societies affiliated with the VAS, and each society enables local communities to deliver agricultural shows, field days and run state-wide competitions, Mr Walsh said.
Zeiss is doing just that with its largest ever Field Days promotion, which began on Aug.
Megan Wisecup, Hunter Education Coordinator, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, emphasizes that "instructor-led Field Days remain a crucial part of the HunterExam process but the online course is a convenient way for students to complete the required course sections and chapter quizzes at home so more hands-on training can be conducted at the Field Day.
As a young child his father took him to university field days in the summer and seed corn meetings in the winter.
Field days are designed to hone the skills of operators, who are called upon by hospitals, police and other emergency services personnel to provide damage and needs assessments during catastrophes such as earthquakes.