field day

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(military) a day for military exercises and display

a day for outdoor athletic competition

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a time of unusual pleasure and success

a day devoted to an outdoor social gathering


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A community field day at a local park wrapped up the week and was sponsored by the National Public Health Week Committee and the Tulane University Undergraduate Student Government Association.
CORONATION: Connie Noble being crowned Coal Queen at a miners' field day at Grange Moor in 1953 (Examiner ref: 53-3800, TmcHUD310809-KE20929) * HERITAGE DAY: Young visitors at Shuttle Eye Colliery in 1960 (Examiner ref: 60-1436, TmcHUD310809-ke11744)
Held at the Gamecock Barracks in Bramcote, the Wing field day saw the Nuneaton Squadron band defend its title for the sixth year running.
The Field Day coincides with the Wales YFC Adding Strength to the Mix event, which is designed to explore and expand on opportunities in farming.
of Louisiana at Lafayette) compiles 12 essays that examine The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing, a collection of Irish writing from c.
A psychologist could have a field day with a story like this, tracing Mother Angelicas excessive need for certainty back to her tumultuous upbringing.
At the McCarthy school, though, even the field day at the end of the past school ear carried the message hat there's no time to waste.
When field day, I joined the Navy more than 24 years ago, the squadrons and AIMDs would shut down every Thursday at 1300 for two hours to hold no matter how bad the backlog was.
Commodity producers have had a field day, and this has helped pull countries like Brazil from the brink.
There were approximately 3,000 high school students from California (and a few Nevada) FFA Chapters at the Field Day.
But this robin was having a field day yesterday when he came across a Tunnock's Snowball left on a wall in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.
He was crossed off the Social Register, that infamous guide to America's oldest and best families; and the media, both black and white, had a field day.
That counts for something when cynics about corporate behavior are having a field day.
Thomas Kilroy wrote Double Cross in 1986 for the Field Day Theatre Company, his first play since Talbot's Box in 1977.
The Pentagon and the CIA are having a field day, and police, military, and intelligence agencies in other countries are amassing powers they never dreamed of.