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a crop (other than fruits or vegetables) that is grown for agricultural purposes

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While most of the dairies are long gone and the water supply has been tightened to meet urban demands on the Colorado River, the Imperial Valley's cattle feedlots and field crops have grown.
The Field Crop Insecticide Guide' can be ordered direct from the Kondinin Group online at http://www.
Like the StarLink debacle which continues to haunt US corn growers, marketers, consumers, government officials, and the seed trade itself, the guilty verdict in the case of Percy Schmeiser illustrates some of the shortcomings of applying GM technology to field crop agriculture.
Rice accounted for about 2% of the total value of field crops produced in the United States.
Based on the total acres treated as reported in the PUR, we observed that paraquat treatments almost exclusively occurred on cotton, whereas for endosulfan the predominant field crop applications were on alfalfa and lettuce.
A WHEAT variety rejected by scientific assessors has emerged as a high-cropping, disease-resistant winner in field crop trials in North East Wales.
It's also the world's most heavily pesticide-sprayed field crop.
If successful, this will be the first production-scale effort to generate power from an energy field crop in California.
The pest insects sampled were those of concern in adjacent field crops; the beneficial insects sampled were those that feed on major field crop pests.
Genetic and production innovations in field crop technology; new developments in theory and practice.
The ROI Calculator(TM) quantifies the economic benefits of Drone as a Service for three applications: field crop scouting, 3D terrain mapping, and crop insurance.
The hedgerows had greater numbers of beneficial insects than pests while adjacent weedy areas showed the opposite trend, demonstrating that hedgerows may serve as replacement vegetation for weedy areas to encourage beneficial insects rather than pests in field crop edges.
Cooler weather has reduced earlier fears that English strawberry harvesting would telescope together in several regions bringing the initial open field crop to an early peak.
an agricultural technology company focused on developing technologies and products that benefit the environment and human health, today announced that Vilmorin, one of the world's oldest and largest producers and marketers of field crop and vegetable seeds, has purchased a 7.