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the electric coil around a field magnet that produces the magneto motive force to set up the flux in an electric machine

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Among them, the discharge units for ITER's powerful toroidal field coils will have the capacity to extract 41 GJ of stored energy.
An early static field coil using circular section aluminum wire developed for the Zeta spectrometer at the ILL, Grenoble, is shown in Fig.
China is responsible for the procurement of all 14 poloidal field converters that will provide controllable current/voltage to ITER's six poloidal field coils.
An important limitation on the static field coil is the restriction on the winding thickness parallel to the beam, imposed by neutron absorption and scattering.
The first step in the fabrication of the full-size, superconducting prototype of a toroidal field coil double pancake has been successfully carried out in Europe.
One of several measures we employ to achieve this uses an external field coil system which can stabilize the ambient external field at a predefined value.
Tenders are invited for Main Field Coil Crossed With Out Pole For Tm 4907 For Alco Locomotive
Tenders are invited for Fan Field Coil For Railway Carriage Fan 110 V Dc,Voltage Range 98-135 Volts Dc, 400 Mm Sweep Conforming To Is,6680-1992 With Annexure H Revised In Dec 2005 .
3a, X3/Ixc-Luc-9030-52a Field Coil Auxillary, X3-Ixc-Luc-9030-119 Field Coil, x3/ixc-rh-luc-9030-375d Clutch assy, x3/ixc-luc-267-4a switch Solenoid assy make lucas Tvs type
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Drive Assy, Armuture Asssy, Field Coil Assy, Brush Earth, Armature Assy, Field Coil Assy, Bush Gear Assy, bearing Bush Inter Bracket, Solenoid Switch, Fixing Bracket Assy, Drive Assy, Armature Assy, Brush Gear Assy, Solenoid Switch, Field Coil Assy, Drive Pinion, Bush DE
Tenders are invited for Field Coil For 110 V Dc Railway Carriage Fan As Per Dy.
Petersburg a High Heat Flux Facility was created, as well as the manufacturing lines for the first wall, divertor and poloidal field coil 1.
The AC/DC converters components are essential for supplying DC power to ITER's poloidal field coil circuits with the operating requirements of 55 kA and 1.