field capacity

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WFPS, SOC, bulk density, clay content, pH, and WFPS at field capacity are individually varied within the ranges listed in Table 2, and Fig.
The aforementioned factors are supported by the result of the correlation test carried out between field capacity and forward speed.
Twenty mm of irrigation was then applied to bring the soil profile back to field capacity.
The recoveries of water and chloride were 49% and 60%, respectively, when initial water was equal to field capacity and 65% and 68% when initial water was 0.
The simple field capacity upgrades are available as needed and do not require a disruptive unit replacement.
For the root-zone as a whole, the deficit relative to field capacity on day n ([D.
The current 250,000 bpd increment is due by end-2008 or early 2009, bringing the field capacity to 750,000 bpd.
In this study we attempted to predict water retention characteristics (water content at field capacity, permanent wilting point) and available water capacity from some easily measured soil physical and chemical properties by developing linear regression equations.
This facility increases the total field capacity to 300,000 barrels of oil per day.
Maintaining the soil water content with 50 mm of the soil's field capacity minimized plant water stress within the fully watered area, while outlying control plots were influenced only by natural precipitation.
We anticipate supporting KOC in its overall 2020 business objectives of reaching optimum oil field capacity and enhancing its facilities.
The Russian company calculates net field capacity in Iraq could reach 170,000 bpd.
Under such conditions, it becomes increasingly important to understand chemistry of dissolved Se pools in soils at field capacity and submerged moisture regimes.