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80], lower irrigation limit 80% of field capacity Film coverage [P.
1] of N in the form of urea (o), Kimcoat[R] (**), SuperN[R] (***), urea + litter (***) at the moisture contents of 80 (A) and 100% (B) of field capacity
The actual field capacity of the self-propelled four row transplanter was 0.
Likewise, the average effective field capacity of all three cuttings for C-NH at different engine speed i.
Trinidad, Hernandez, Orozco and Upton (2002) reported that Pinus taeda species have high transpiration rates when the soil moisture is close to field capacity.
In this method, seeds are broadcast at field capacity level (optimum soil moisture level) of soil after harvest of wheat.
In general, the optimum moisture for mineralization ranges from 65 to 100% of field capacity.
Soil properties: The soil was found to be loamy for the upper 1m depth with field capacity ranging from 27 to 26% for top to bottom horizons, wilting point of 10% and porosity varying from 47% for the top soil layers to 41% at 1m depth as shown in Table 1.
Other tactics for putting limited water to best use are to irrigate only part of a field, skip the pre-plant irrigation for corn, delay irrigating until up to half of the soil water is depleted, and wet soil to no more than 70 percent of field capacity.
The soil water was maintained at field capacity up to 25 days of growth, by adding water to maintain constant weights.
Thus, steady seepage from the pitcher maintains moisture content in root zone at field capacity (most suitable level of soil moisture content for plant growth) throughout entire plant growth period.
On reaching their peak production, the three new platforms will add 460,000 barrels per day to the installed domestic field capacity.