field bindweed

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weakly climbing European perennial with white or pink flowers

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Fields with low weed populations, especially those free of field bindweed and dodder, are most often sought for tomato production.
residues from total organs of field bindweed added to the soil, at least wheat height was 73.
Increasing amount of residues added to the soil of field bindweed to 100g.
Most of reduction effects were obtained by adding leaf residues from field bindweed leaf and the least by adding the residues of whole plant.
Wild morning glory is also known as field bindweed on account of its growth habit.
One of the most notorious weeds is field bindweed, described by one researcher as "an out-of-control morningglory.
Discovered by ARS scientists in Greece, the microscopic Mediterranean mite Aceria malherbae attacks field bindweed, gnawing its leaves.
Still, better to be invaded by red valerian than some weeds you might know - such as oxalis, field bindweed or yellow nut sedge.