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Old World upright plant grown especially for its large flat edible seeds but also as fodder

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Minor crop farmers are growers of sugarbeets, sunflowers, potatoes, field beans, fruits and vegetables, and flowers.
When the combined yield of field beans and sweetpotatoes was considered as indicated by Land Equivalent Ratios (LERs), there was a yield advantage of 56 to 79% greater than monoculture.
It is not too late to sow the green manure field beans or alternatively mulch the soil with autumn leaves.
In 1994, the patent says, field beans that were yellow in color were discovered in a package of dry edible beans purchased in Mexico and brought to the United States.
Iron--stunting, chlorosis (yellowing), and short and highly branched roots in various fruit trees, legumes, and field beans
But they planted field beans by mistake and this meant pesticides used to kill off further potato growth could not get through to the soil.
Up until about the late 1930's, many farms interplanted corn, field beans and pumpkins to be hogged down in the fall and winter.
This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of farm products (except grain and field beans, livestock, raw milk, live poultry, and fresh fruits and vegetables).
Other investigations showed the failure of yield primary components as selection criteria yield due to compensation for each other and improvement in one of them may lead to the deterioration of the other, John and Schmidet [9] in winter wheat and Adams [2] in field beans.
1 Try sowing some green manures such as field beans, clover, Hungarian grazing Rye and Winter Tares on spare ground on the allotment over the next few weeks as an alternative to winter digging.
The UK Department for Farming, Environment and Rural Affairs says bees contribute pounds 165m a year to the economy by pollinating fruit trees, field beans and other crops.
Green manure crops, such as winter rye, field beans and tares will stand throughout the winter months and prevent weeds from poking through.
Plaintiffs claim BASF dropped the price for Poast Plus(R) to compete in the national soybean market but maintained an approximate $4 per acre premium price for Poast(R) marketed to farmers of minor crops such as sugarbeets, sunflowers, potatoes, field beans, fruits and vegetables, even though both products were registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use on the same crops.
Volume 1 contains papers entitled Swedish views on COST; HTST processing - scientific situation and perspectives of the industry; Nutritional aspects on HTST treatments; Using near infra red radiation and microwaves for bread baking - technology and quality; Aseptic processing and packaging of food; New aspects of vitamin stability during HTST processing and subsequent storage; Industrial viewpoints on extrusion cooking; Kinetics of starch derivatization by extrusion- cooking; Residence time distribution in twin screw extruders with different sizes; Evaluation of processing intensity during extrusion cooking of field beans through physical-biochemical modifications and changes in nutritive value; and Preparation of cheese analogues by extrusion cooking.