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Old World upright plant grown especially for its large flat edible seeds but also as fodder

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1997) conducted field trails to clarify the effect of plant density on intercropped wheat and field bean and observed that weed biomass in intercrop was significantly reduced when seeding density of wheat and field bean was increased.
Just to give you a flavour of the range of green manures available, here are a selection: alfalfa, annual ryegrass, Buckwheat, clover (various forms), field beans, fenugreek, Hungarian grazing rye, lupin, mustard, tares and trefoil.
2001) reported similar results in forage peas and field beans.
Valorex produces 100,000 tons per year of extruded products, for use mainly in animal feed, made from linseed, lupines, rapeseed, peas, hemp seed and field beans.
Field beans include kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, black beans, cranberry beans, and great northern beans.
As well as major fruit crops, which depend on pollination from honey bees to a greater or lesser extent (see boxout), runner beans are 40%reliant, and oilseed rape, field beans and broad beans are all also partially reliant.
It is also approved as a desiccant for potatoes, oilseed rape, combining peas, red and white clover for seed, field beans, barley and oats for animal feed and linseed and for hop stripping.
We've just finished sowing outdoor beds with field beans (vicia faba), a legume that will establish quickly and cover beds, fixing nitrogen ready for next year's crop.
When the combined yield of field beans and sweetpotatoes was considered as indicated by Land Equivalent Ratios (LERs), there was a yield advantage of 56 to 79% greater than monoculture.
In 1994, the patent says, field beans that were yellow in color were discovered in a package of dry edible beans purchased in Mexico and brought to the United States.
Iron--stunting, chlorosis (yellowing), and short and highly branched roots in various fruit trees, legumes, and field beans
Over the past five years, cultivation of field beans in the European Union has remained stable, totalling 231,000 ha in 2000.
But they planted field beans by mistake and this meant pesticides used to kill off further potato growth could not get through to the soil.