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Synonyms for fidgetiness

a feeling of agitation expressed in continual motion

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However, restlessness and fidgetiness may decline leaving the person feeling "calmer.
The behavioral effects elicited by the tartrazine challenges, however, involved irritability, fidgetiness and sleep problems which are not typically representative of hyperactivity related behaviors.
Hyperactivity may be manifest as fidgetiness or squirming in one's seat, excessive running or climbing, or difficulty engaging quietly in leisure activities (e.
George appeared to become increasingly anxious as this topic was discussed, as evidenced by his fidgetiness and averted gaze.
2005); RS is used widely in traditional Chinese medicine for anti-inflammation, anticancer, antiviral and antibacterial infections, reducing the total cholesterol level and decreasing blood pressures (Li and Chen 2005); RC is an important traditional Chinese medicinal herb which has been effectively used for heat-clearing, damp-drying, relieving fidgetiness and detoxicating, etc (Yang et al.
Gudahl comes off at first a bit like Henry Higgins before finding his own voice, and the bulging-eyed Schmuckler focuses too often on the fidgetiness of youth.
Physical activity was assessed using parental reports of the child's enjoyment of "active games, their level of activity relative to other children and a standard measure of fidgetiness.
In 1902 Dr Frederick Still describes a group of children with an abnormal incapacity for sustained attention, restlessness and fidgetiness and proposes that the children had deficiencies in volitional inhibition.
The more impulsive and hyperactive forms result in increased fidgetiness and squirming, difficulty engaging in quiet activities, excessive talking, interrupting others and impatience.
the consumer organization concluded: "While medications may provide welcome relief to some RLS patients, the ads could leave anyone who ever suffered fidgetiness when trying to go to sleep to wonder whether he or she has RLS and should seek treatment.
The checklist: a persistently low mood, a diminished interest or pleasure in almost everything, an increase or decrease in appetite leading to a gain or loss in weight, too much or too little sleep, fatigue or low energy, fidgetiness or listlessness, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, difficulty concentrating or indecisiveness, and thoughts of death, suicide, or an attempt of suicide.
Some worry it's being overprescribed to people with simple fidgetiness, but supporters say if it doesn't help, people will just stop using it.