fiddlehead fern

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New World fern having woolly cinnamon-colored spore-bearing fronds in early spring later surrounded by green fronds

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However, in May 1994, outbreaks of food poisoning were associated with eating raw or lightly cooked fiddlehead ferns in New York and western Canada.
Sauteed fiddlehead fern and jicama at Ka Lui in Puerto Princesa is tasty and healthy.
We started with Pako Salad (fresh fiddlehead fern salad), the crisp vegetable with salted egg and vinaigrette a perfect starter to whet our appetite.
Start off with watercress, fiddlehead fern, cherry tomatoes and edible flowers salad, and follow it up with a rich butternut pumpkin soup.
The wild geranium she found in her woods has completely colonized the compost layer covering her woodshed, along with fiddlehead ferns and local se' dum.
The number of foraged plants that can be pickled may surprise you: daylily buds, fiddlehead ferns, garlic bulbs, crab apples and more.
Whether noticing her father's love for Leonard Cohen's music and her mother's for Bob Dylan's, or her father's view of fiddlehead ferns as a culinary delicacy and her own view of them as evidence of poverty, Shell's observations are astute reminders that nothing gets past a child.
The woodland is alive with wild ingredients, including fiddlehead ferns, wild garlic, berries, lampascioni (an edible wild hyacinth bulb) and cardoons.
Next up were plump local mussels, which were again presented with refreshing simplicity, this time on a bed of skillfully balanced roasted pumpkin puree and pork broth, topped with fiddlehead ferns and crunchy chicharon.
Roses represent the boy's face, while protea suggest the faces of the goats, whose curly horns are fiddlehead ferns.
She carried a bouquet of circus roses and fiddlehead ferns with stems tied in eggshell ribbon and adorned with a vintage brooch and golden locket enclosing a picture of her late grandfather.
Pancetta-Wrapped Farm Egg with Kale and Fiddlehead Ferns (Serves 4)
She taught her grandchildren to enjoy sweet fern tea, and when in season, cooked wild greens: pigweed, dandelion greens, milkweed, and fiddlehead ferns.