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Synonyms for detector

any device that receives a signal or stimulus (as heat or pressure or light or motion etc

rectifier that extracts modulation from a radio carrier wave

electronic equipment that detects the presence of radio signals or radioactivity

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In this study, FID was found to differ significantly between study sites, with lizards at the rural site fleeing sooner than those encountered at the urban site.
However, FID officials believe there is no increase in prices especially since there was already a recession in the market.
Shareholders were originally due to take the FID by end-2006.
Dalloway have tackled the features attributed to FID and to find the cases of deviation, related features were extracted and categorized into three general categories of lexical features, grammatical features, and punctuation each consisting of some subcategories.
In less than one year, we have negotiated agreements, contingent on FID, to construct facilities for the processing and sale of 5 mtpa of LNG (4.
Through combat operations, FID, and SFA, Naval Special Warfare Command builds and maintains relationships that constitute local and regional networks of influence.
The FID consists of 14 forensic examiners, six police officers who have full arrest powers, a director and five administrative staff.
Earlier this year, the FSA's chairman, Callum Mc Carthyclaimed Mi FID would impose "significant costs" on the industry.
A senior director of the FID confirmed that the agency has seized 20 of the late model motor vehicles stolen in the U.
Germans abounded, too: seven from Bonner Academy of Journalistic, Bonn; four from FID Verlag GmbH, Bonn; twenty from VNR Verlag fur die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, Bonn; and six from Verlag Praktisches Wissen GmbH, Offenburg.
The major advantages of the new FID 2000 integral motor-inverter drive unit, according to FKI, include increased energy efficiency; reduced cabling; guaranteed motor and drive compatibility and easy installation, with a Marelli motor supplied as standard, although other motor options are available.
To effectively support this agreement and product line, FID will tap into Vyse's market-leading technical and applications support.
Figure 7 shows an FID signal from 45 % polarize d gas produced by direct optical pumping of pure [He.
An FID is capable of detecting trace components at the ppm level, but can only detect organic compounds (excluding formaldehyde and formic acid).
The Simpactor FID pin mill is the perfect solution for milling dry food ingredients to precise fine particle sizes of 50-200 mesh with no screens to blind and an easy-to-clean mill area.