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Synonyms for fictive

consisting or suggestive of fiction

Synonyms for fictive

adopted in order to deceive

capable of imaginative creation

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Les investigations ont permis d'etablir des noms de securitaires limoges qui sont impliques dans l'affaire de cette entreprise fictive, a affirme la meme source.
Taken together, the concepts of fictive kinship and intersectionality provide a useful frame of analysis for the narrative.
Table-1: Example - baseline participant profile of the fictive randomized controlled
In The Fictive and the Imaginary (which Oatley does not cite), Iser explains how the "fictive component of literature" motivates the imaginary: "By opening up spaces of play, the fictive compels the imaginary to take on a form at the same time that it acts as a medium for its manifestation.
Keywords: Fictive context, Fiction Text, Message, Perception, Creative Writing Skills
Turkey issued three warrants for Asliturk's arrest over fictive export, fraud and forgery of documents.
Not the big fictive pieces, but shorter, more lyric and personal poems, often addressed to his friends.
As a writer, Tom expands his observations into fictive imaginingsathe reader observes his creative process and witnesses the transformation of each sketch into something whole.
This approach has been contested by ALDE's fictive rapporteur within the AFCO committee, Anneli Jaatteenmaki (Finland), who considers that "it should be up to the EU Court of Justice to decide on eligibility as a last resort".
It then reviews the emerging conceptualisation of youth permanency in child welfare practice that focuses on lifelong connections to kin and fictive kin as requirements for permanency.
Each chapter focuses on a particular family of psychopathology, beginning with a fictive "case history" drawn from a well known film followed by descriptions of specific disorders with brief references to characters and situations from other films.
For the system designing, a fictive product, having other sizes than the products of the designing theme and imposed to be manufactured in a production volume, equal to the sum of production volumes [Q.
For instance, kin and fictive kin relationships can provide emotional support to the child when the alcoholic is unavailable.
The Medieval Marriage Scene: Prudence, Passion, Policy is an anthology of scholarly essays by twelve learned contributors discussing the fictive, artistic, legal, ethical, and economic aspects of the institution of marriage in Europe from roughly 500 to 1550.
When one type has consumed itself, the element of manipulation becoming too visible thus destroying the fictive illusion, and no-one has yet come along to renew it, usually, as here, reconstructing it by perpetual destruction, generating a text which in effect is a dialogue with all preceding texts, a death and a birth dialectically involved with one another" This statement might just describe the project underlying all four novels--a death of the fictive illusion and the birth of a new kind of text, one in conversation with all preceding texts and linguistic possibilities.