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This crisis illustrates, redundantly, the paralysis of the United Nations regarding major powers, hence regarding major events, and the fictitiousness of the European Union regarding foreign policy.
of Southampton), and argues that contemporary literature has been a powerful site for unraveling the assumptions that are contained within the rhetoric of money's fictitiousness.
The novel's failure at creating itself, therefore, points to the fictitiousness of all art, not only of the traditional realistic type but also of the new aesthetic of non-mimetic literature.
In her belief in the fictitiousness of "character" (she challenged even her ancestor's account of "myriad-minded" Shakespeare as inadequate to experience) and in her understanding of self-reflexive forms, Mary Coleridge created a ludic aesthetic poetry.
Yet in Schelling, this dropping of the fictitiousness of knowledge again remains ambiguous.
Impostures succeed because, not in spite, of their fictitiousness.
The fictitiousness of the literary "audience" was long ago pointed out by Walter J Ong, (8) but it is valuable to remind ourselves just how difficult it is to capture the full range of relations amongst poets and publics.