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It reasserted the allegations of the first two complaints, but substituted NHM for a fictitiously named Defendant.
somewhat fictitiously, as the voice of the people themselves.
7 Which would-be Coventry Lib Dem MP jailed for defrauding students did this column reveal had allegedly used one of his alter-egos to fictitiously kill himself off?
On or about May 2, 2007, the Dulins brought a medical-malpractice action against the Center and 17 fictitiously named defendants.
Compared to a fictitiously named or unnamed brand, a brand with equity generates differences in consumer responses.
We recovered more than 6 billion CFA ($12 million) that had been fictitiously allocated.
One key sequence takes place in the Nick Cave Archive, fictitiously transposed to Brighton from its home in Melbourne.
The anthology is organized from the most recent writings backward to earlier ones from the invented Ola Yevgueniyeva, fictitiously born as recently as 1967, to the equally nonexistent Jossef Bergchenko, whose fictitious date of birth is 1891.
The premise of the scam was that a company is likely in need of the service you are fictitiously billing for, so there is a high degree of likelihood they will pay because the bill is too small to check.
Parliamentary questions from members of the Turkish opposition over whether Zarrab's food company fictitiously sold wheat to Iran were routinely ignored by the Turkish government, even though the prosecutor's report shows evidence of false invoicing for brown sugar at the impossibly high price of 1,170 Turkish lira, or almost $500, per kilo ($220 per pound).
legislative purpose fictitiously and literally understood.
In particular, it is a case where a social enterprise is set up fictitiously just to win reserved public procurement.
A FORMER AIB manager told the Mahon Tribunal that he cashed third party cheques fictitiously endorsed by lobbyist Frank Dunlop.
He said the fraud was perpetrated by fictitiously generating foreign exchange contracts and entering them on to the accounting system.
The report found that more than one-third of the total income, excluding merger-related and unusual charges, reported by CUC during the Restatement Period was deliberately and fictitiously manufactured.