fictitious character

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an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story)

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Holmes is, of course, an entirely fictitious character and could never have lived at the address.
It is a fictitious character and the film only narrates the love story of a gangster.
The fictitious character does what others would often do when overwhelmed with tasks: he panics and procrastinates.
Chapter 2 studies a fictitious character, Shakespeare's Hamlet, who embodies the eternal human search for identity.
I was amused to note that there was nothing in the sidebar to indicate that Harry Flashman is a fictitious character and that George MacDonald Frazier is a novelist.
Told through the sparkling eye of fictitious character Professor Frankum, the book clearly explains economic fundamentals in a light but informative setting.
Many believed it to be Charles Dickens (16 per cent), Charlotte Bronte (13 per cent), fictitious character Jane Eyre (12 per cent) and even the singer Kate Bush (4 per cent).
Christmas was nothing more than a fictitious character on the fast track to triple-bypass, my mom left a giant bag of presents in the dining room.
It seems strange now that men who had themselves seen so much real action comparatively recently should find this fictitious character so fascinating, but I have no doubt that all of these autographs were requested not for themselves personally but in the name of "children or grandchildren".
The story and clever camera and video trickery featured a fictitious character called Messie said to be lurking in Merseyside's sewers.
Ryan utilised the fictitious character of "Robin Sage" to extract information from various sources through social networking sites.
It is a possibility that he is a fictitious character used by al-Qaeda.
Using improvisational acting techniques and a collaborative writing approach, the group created a 90-minute production that tells the story of a fictitious character named Naji and his search for his long-lost American sister.
The new brand is based on the chronicles of Wily Jack, a fictitious character pictured on the label.
FIVE YEARS AGO, a fictitious character shredded the reputation of one of the world's great grapes.