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Synonyms for fictional

Synonyms for fictional

consisting or suggestive of fiction

Synonyms for fictional

related to or involving literary fiction


formed or conceived by the imagination

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Those thin veils fictionalizing the episodes have gotten increasingly thinner; with tonight's show, concerning an American Muslim fomenting the hatred of fundamentalist Islam, the burka has been virtually ripped away completely.
The artist reconstructed the 1928 trip of a female fare-beater on a four-master (Girl Stowaway, 1994, not included in the MACBA show) and researched the fate of sportsman Donald Crowhurst, who ran into trouble during the 1968 round-the-world Golden Globe Race and began fictionalizing his hopeless situation via radio and in his logbook before hurling himself into the sea.
In some way, I've tried to keep him alive, putting his physical characteristics and personality into play in the variety of contexts that experimental fictionalizing permits, thereby constructing a number of speculative, realistic-seeming "hims.
It makes sense that a deception lies at the heart of Frozen, a courageous new film fictionalizing the real suicide of Qi Lei, and that the footage had to be smuggled out of China and edited in Holland.
Well, in large measure because of Kraus' unbelievable gall, her hubris in sweeping very unflattering details of other people's intimate lives into her own work, without recourse to the usual fictionalizing cake-frosting.